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'Curious Imaginings' is the latest exhibition by the Vancouver Biennale now open at The Patricia Hotel, Strathcona. 'Curious Imaginings' is the Canadian premier of Patricia Piccinini, a Melbourne based artist who works with silicon, automated fibre-glass and video installations to create hyper-realistic surrealist installations. 

This exhibition is very much on theme with the 2018-2020 Vancouver Biennale (re-IMAGE-n) and the Biennale’s mandate of art as a catalyst for learning, community engagement and dialogue. For students this exhibition is a unique opportunity to get incredibly close to these superb art works in a non-gallery setting that brings new meaning to the pieces. As well as fitting closely to the Arts Curriculum, the themes and content of the exhibition also provide chances for cross-curricular learning through discussions of genetics; technology; video installations; and the science and art behind creating the artworks. This is a must-see show with the potential to have huge impact on students. 

We are pleased to offer FREE exhibition visits to your pupils, led by an education professional. More information about the exhibition can be found at  

William Gibson, a geneticist from UBC, said this of the exhibition - 'A fascinating exhibit that brings an emotional depth and immediacy to the topic of genetic engineering. I think it really engages participants in the discussion.' 

The exhibition is open September 14th until December 15 2018. School groups are welcome to visit Monday-Friday and a visit to the exhibition will last 1 hour, although timings can be changed to suit you. The visit will be led by an education professional for 30 pupils max at a time. 

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