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On a battlefield full of armoured men, it was difficult to distinguish between your allies and your adversaries. Knights would have their shields emblazoned with their own, personal Coat of Arms in order to recognize one another.

In our interactive heraldry program, students will learn about a time when brand recognition was the difference between life and death. Your students will learn the science of heraldry, create their own coats of arms, and explore both medieval and modern heraldry.

Make your next play one your actors and audience won’t soon forget! With Academie Duello you can bring a stage combat class or course to your school.

As the practices that actors use are always improving and changing in film, we use a curriculum that is the most practical and proven in actual performances. We teach how to use distance, timing and targets to make things look real, yet keep the actors and audience safe as we develop an eye and awareness for safety.

Swordplay has a lot to do with physics and mathematics. It relies upon a knowledge of force, angles, geometry and much more.

By exploring concepts such as leverage, trigonometry and geometry through interactive tools such as swords, siege weapons and armour, kids can get excited about science in a way they never have before.

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