Swordplay Presentation

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Academie Duello
Last updated on
Thursday, January 11th, 2018
Program Description

Come on a journey through time, and learn about the martial history of knights and duellists.

Far from armoured brutes wildly hacking and smashing their enemies, the knights and duellists of the middle ages and renaissance were highly trained martial artists.  Skilled not only with swords, but also with daggers and spears, in and out of armour, on foot and on horseback.

A team of presenters from the Academie Duello will host your students, or travel to your school.  And over the course of an hour describe the martial arts of medieval and renaissance Italy with live demonstartions, a recreation of a medieval judicial duel, and a Q&A period at the end of the presentation.


Big Ideas
  • Increasingly complex societies required new systems of laws and government.
  • Religious and cultural practices that emerged during this period have endured and continue to influence people.
  • Contacts and conflicts between peoples stimulated significant cultural, social, political change.
  • Trip Details
    Fee Details
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    This trip is a flat rate of $200.  There is also a travel charge that is dependant on how far away from our studio the presentation space is.

    Additional Notes

    We can present to a maximum of 100 students in our downtown studio, and we have no set limit if we present at an outside space.

    The lecture can be customised to fit a specific theme or time period that you and your students are studying, get in touch with us for details and to discuss the options available.