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Thursdays | October 19, 2023-June 20, 2024

Discover the interwoven worlds of math and art. Using tessellations as a foundation, each workshop explores the pattern making and mathematical elements of design work. Workshops examine the work of Dylan Thomas, a Coast Salish contemporary artist, and how he has connected math and geometry to his art practice.

Curriculum tie-ins: Art Education, Indigenous Art, Earth Science, Math, STEAM


Students are invited on a tour through the current exhibit, followed by a hands-on art workshop. This program is offered in person and online. There is limited program capacity for in person.

Participants are challenged through cultivated learning, close observation and thoughtful discussions about the art featured in the gallery exhibit. Key concepts and new artistic modes of creation come to life! Suitable for Grades K-12!

To find out more about our current exhibition and tour, please check out: https://www.burnaby.ca/recreation-and-arts/arts-and-culture-facilities/b...

Fridays | October 20, 2023- June 21, 2024

Join us in exploring the complexity of the BC coastline. Students are immersed in ideas of interconnection, ecosystems, water cycles and shoreline wildlife, inspired by works from the City of Burnaby's Permanent Collection. Using watercolour, drawing, and collage, students develop individual mixed-media works.

Curriculum Tie-ins: Art Education, Earth Science, Indigenous Art

Tuesdays | October 17, 2023-June 18, 2024

Referencing works from the City's Permanent Collection, participants explore the progression of themes and techniques in contemporary Coast Salish art. Discussions on appropriation and use of copyrighted work will be discussed within this program. Students will finish the workshop by creating their own collograph print.

Curriculum Tie-ins: Indigenous Art, Ecology/Environment, Art Education

Mondays | October 16, 2023-June 17, 2024

Explore the world of landscape-inspired artwork through this engaging program. Using the forms of trees,  waterways and mountains, students discuss ideas of landscape and place. Building on these ideas, participants use techniques of layering, colour mixing and collage to create a ‘forest’ of trees.

Curriculum Tie-ins: Art Education, Ecology, Indigenous Art.

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