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Chinese New Year is an exciting time! Students will explore its stories and traditions and finish the program by doing a fun scavenger hunt around the Garden OR a take-home craft.

This program only takes place during the 4 weeks around the Chinese New Year festival in late January or early Feburary. Visit our website to find the exact dates and don't delay - spots get booked up quickly!

A popular add-on option is to book a Chinatown Walking Tour along Pender street. Students will see how the shops and businesses are decorated for New Year and learn a little about the history and culture of this fascinating neighbouhood. Contact us or visit our website for more information.

*UPDATE FOR 2021 - YEAR OF THE OX. We'd love your input! Are you interested in our Chinese New Year programs and resources? Help us plan for the upcoming season by filling in this form:


Thank you!

A Chinese Garden is so much more than a collection of rocks and plants. Enjoy a Grade-appropriate, interactive tour of the Garden and learn about Ming Dynasty family life, philosophy and arts. This tour lends itself to a variety of curriculum outcomes and our knowledgeable facilitators can adapt the tour to your learning objectives, student age or English language level.

A 30 minute Garden Tour is also available as an add-on to other programs. Contact us for more information. 

Learn about the objects, stories and lives of Chinese immigrants and those they interacted with in early Vancouver.

This program is a perfect resource for classroom studies on Chinese immigration to Canada. Students will discuss the issues surrounding early Chinese immigration, watch a short video, look through our immigration suitcases and use critical thinking skills to draw conclusions and create a short presentation. 

Add a Chinatown Walking Tour or Garden Tour to this program to futher enrich your learning objectives. Contact us or visit our website for more information. 

Find out what life was like in this historic neighbourhood in the past and enjoy the traditional markets, family associations and fascinating places that still exist today. This is a unique opportunity to study Vancouver's Chinatown in place.

This is a popular, highly customizeable program and our expert facilitators are happy to work with you to acheive your learning objectives. Teachers have used this tour for supplementary learning in a range of subjects from Social Studies and English Language Arts to Urban Planning, Tourism and Asian Studies. A shorter version of this tour is available for younger students.

A popular addition to this program is our Crossing Borders program that discusses early Chinese immigration. Contact us or visit our website for more information. 

What animals are hiding within the garden walls? Our Garden is filled with animals, both real and symbolic. Through fun and interactive activities, students will explore the Garden and learn about the cultural significance of certain animals. 

The program ends with the students making an animal-themed craft to take home.

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