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Crossing Borders, Removing Barriers is a free resource for teachers.

Low Yuet Wing was the first of the Lowe family to arrive in Canada in 1913 from Toishan, Guanghai, China. Without any family abroad, he sailed across the Pacific, likely with mixed emotions of fear and excitement. As the Gold Rush of the 1870’s generated lots of hope for him escaping poverty and war in China, the allure of opportunity in the West (known as “Gum Shan” or “gold mountain”) was very appealing as he was sent abroad to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway.”

Based on the real life story of the Great Grandfather of Lorraine Lowe, Executive Director of Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, it highlights issues surrounding early Chinese immigration to Canada as experienced through his eyes.

This resource is based around the BC Social Studies curriculum and is aimed at Grade 5 level but with options for extension questions for higher grades.

There are 3 lessons:
Lesson 1: Early Chinese Immigration

Lesson 2: Life in Canada

Lesson 3: Human Rights

PLease see our website for more details and to download the resource. 


Classroom kit also available!

Since early migration until now, Chinese Canadians have had and continue to have diverse and complex relationships with Canada. Racial discrimination against Chinese Canadians was prevalent during the creation of the nation, yet their individual voices and experiences are often left out of the historical narrative. In this three-part field trip consisting of a visit to the Chinese Canadian Museum, the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, as well as a mini Chinatown walking tour, students will explore the endurance of Vancouver Chinatown and the resilience of the Chinese Canadian community through stories of food, community, and activism.

This field trip for Gr 9 and 10 is hosted collaboratively in partnership by the Chinese Canadian Museum and Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden, and features research and content development by the UBC Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies (UBC INSTRCC)

Please see chinatownexisting.wordpress.com for more details.

These art activities are inspired by the symbolism and architecture of a Chinese garden and allow students to explore CHinese symolism and our beautiful leak windows to create artwors of their own. 

This activity can be adapted easily to the age of the students and the time available in class.


A Chinese Garden is so much more than a collection of rocks and plants. Enjoy a Grade-appropriate, interactive tour of the Garden and learn about Ming Dynasty family life, philosophy and arts. This tour lends itself to a variety of curriculum outcomes and our knowledgeable facilitators can adapt the tour to your learning objectives, student age or English language level.

A 30 minute Garden Tour is also available as an add-on to other programs. Contact us for more information. 

Learn about the objects, stories and lives of Chinese immigrants and those they interacted with in early Vancouver.

This program is a perfect resource for classroom studies on Chinese immigration to Canada. Students will discuss the issues surrounding early Chinese immigration, watch a short video, look through our immigration suitcases and use critical thinking skills to draw conclusions and create a short presentation. 

This program pairs very well with our Chinatown Walking Tour, exploring the architecture and stories from the early days of Chinatown as well as the vibrant community it is today.

Please note this program takes place inside the Ming Dymasty Scholar's Garden but does not include a Garden Tour. Garden Tours can be booked as a separate add-on. 

Contact us or visit our website for more information. 

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