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The Immigrant Perspectives Edukit is a three week rental from the Hsitoric Stewart Farm that you use in your classroom. This kit focuses on teaching with artifacts and archival resources connected to local Surrey history. This kit also focuses on immigration policies supporting European immigration, the governmental systems which discriminated against Chinese immigration throughout this time period, what lifestyles immigrants to Canada lived at the Stewart Farm, and the different conditions Canadian society placed on immigrants to Surrey.

Students explore the festively decorated farmhouse (including a Victorian Christmas tree), learn about pioneer Christmas traditions and make a vintage craft to take home.

Immigrants in turn-of-the-century Canada certainly faced some challenges. Students experience the cultural traditions of Scottish and Chinese settlers on the farm, and learn how culture, economy and technology influenced rural life in Surrey and across the country. Students invoke all 5 senses on this trip - they taste candied ginger, smell green tea, touch teaching collection items, hear stories of immigrant families to Surrey and see archival documents related to the Surrey census and immigration head tax.

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