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With onsite school programs on hold, we are offering teachers and homeschoolers alternate ways to bring the farm to the classroom. Inspire your students with an experience of farm life from home. We are taking some of the best activities from our onsite school programs and making them available to become part of your remote learning workplans.

How did newcomers get to Surrey? What challenges did they face? Did everyone have the same experience? Students use artifacts, maps, and documents to answer these questions and uncover information about the Chinese Head Tax and other immigration experiences. Immigrants in turn-of-the-century Canada certainly faced challenges. Students experience the cultural traditions of Scottish and Chinese newcomers on the farm, and learn how the Head Tax and other practices affected immigrants to Surrey in the early 20th century. Three-week rental.

Students explore a Victorian holiday experience from their classroom. By creating vintage wooden crafts, exploring the Stewart’s late 1800s holiday traditions, other newcomer who lived on the farm, and learning about the diverse holiday celebrations of our community students will tie traditions of the past to our community today. Two-week rental.

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