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Bring the MOV to your school with education kits designed to augment your virtual field trip, making it a “hands-on” interactive learning experience. Education Kits are available for the following virtual field trips:

· First Nations Culture - Subtopic of Cedar and Sealskin Program

· Dig into the Past! - Subtopic of Ancient Worlds Program

· The Road to Reconciliation - Subtopic of Resilience and Reconciliation Program

- A Seat at the Table - Subtopic of Immigration Nation Program

Education Kits are quarantined and sanitized between rentals. Available for pick up at the MOV.

Participate in a “Big 6 Historical Thinking” challenge in our c̓əsnaʔəm; the city before the city virtual exhibition. Learn about the impact of colonization on the Musqueam First Nation, how they resisted assimilative policies, and the Museum’s role in the reconciliation process.


Subtopic: Stories of Resilience (45-60 minutes, $135)

Learn about the impact of colonization on the Musqueam community, how they resisted assimilative policies, and the Museum’s role in the reconciliation process by virtually exploring our exhibition: ćəsnaʔəm, the city before the city.


Subtopic: The Road to Reconciliation (45-60 minutes, $135)

Learn about our shared responsibility in the reconciliation process. Through Object-Based Learning, students use their critical thinking skills and gain a deeper understanding of traditional and contemporary First Nations culture.*

*An Education Kit is available for this subtopic ($50/week)

Be buyers for the Museum’s gift shop, “The Global Village.” Consider cultural awareness, fair labour practices, and sustainability in the ever-growing production and consumption of goods and services. Visit the global marketplace and purchase objects that may or may not have been created in a responsible and sustainable way. Explore the Vancouver History Galleries to uncover moments when Vancouverites either demonstrated good global citizenship or ignored their responsibilities.

Subtopic: Migration Journeys (45-60 minutes, $135)

Play an immigration game through our Vancouver History Virtual Galleries. Explore the galleries and examine suitcases from immigrants while collecting points and money towards immigrating. This program focuses on who immigrates and why, the quality of life for new immigrants, and immigrants’ contributions to Vancouver from the 1900s to the 1950s.


Subtopic: A Seat at the Table (45-60 minutes, $135)

Discover Chinese immigrants’ stories from MOV’s A Seat at the Table exhibition. Reflect on the diversity of their experience in British Columbia, the challenges they faced, their resilience, and their pursuit of justice.*

*An Education Kit is available for this subtopic ($50/week)

Little Victoria lived in Vancouver a long time ago. Hear the story of her lost doll through five generations of her family. Play with toys from each generation and see the evolution of toys overtime. Students are invited to consider technologies, culture, and environmental impact. Role-play archaeologists and discover toys like Victoria’s.

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