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Available November 2021

Uncover the science of archaeology by investigating artefacts from the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley, China, Greece, and Rome. Work in teams to do a simulated field dig, then research and analyze artifacts in a lab to formulate and test your hypothesis. Learn about several prominent Northwest Coast archaeological sites. Through traditional First Nations belongings and ways of knowing, gain a deeper understanding of the role and limitations of archeology.


Play an immigration game in our Vancouver History Galleries. Explore the galleries and examine real suitcases from immigrants while collecting points and money towards immigrating. This program focuses on who immigrates and why, the quality of life for new immigrants, and immigrants’ contributions to Vancouver.


Play a game in our c̓əsnaʔəm: the city before the city exhibition. Learn about the impact of colonization on the Musqueam community, how they resisted assimilative policies, and the Museum’s role in the reconciliation process. Test your critical-thinking skills in a hands-on workshop where you will learn about our shared responsibility in the reconciliation process. Through Object-Based Learning, gain a deeper understanding of traditional and contemporary First Nations culture.

Examine traditional belongings that tell us how Indigenous peoples met the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. Excavate belongings from Pacific Northwest Coast cultures. Be a player in a life-sized game while learning about the seasonal cycle of traditional Inuit life.

Engage in a virtual experience of our galleries from the comforts of your classrooms! An educator leads you through our 360° virtual galleries via screen sharing, pausing along the way with inquiry-based questions to stimulate creative thinking and critical discussions.

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Vancouver History Galleries

ćəsnaʔəm: the city before the city

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