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Participate in a “Big 6 Historical Thinking” challenge in our c̓əsnaʔəm; the city before the city exhibition. Learn about the impact of colonization on the Musqueam First Nation, how they resisted assimilative policies, and the Museum’s role in the reconciliation process. Test your critical thinking skills through a hands-on workshop where you’ll design a museum exhibit. Gain a deeper understanding of traditional and contemporary culture of the Pacific Northwest First Nations.

Explore the Vancouver History Galleries on a guided scavenger hunt. Experience the early years with the first movie of Vancouver, get your hair done in the 1940s, listen to the jukebox in the 1950s, and dress in clothing authentic to the 1960s.

Visit the Museum on your own or combine a self-guided visit with one of our core programs. Gallery resource materials are available to support and enhance your self-directed exploration.

Self-guided visits can take place in our Vancouver History Galleries and/or our featured exhibits.The following temporary exhibits will be featured in 2018/2019:

  1. Haida Now
  2. Wild Things
  3. Cesna?em: The City Before The City
  4. Neon Vancouver/Ugly Vancouver

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