Immigration Nation

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Wednesday, August 16th, 2023
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Program Description

Learn about past and present immigration policies while discovering the history of Vancouver through the decades: 1900 - 1970s. Modelled after the points-based-system, explore the history galleries through a scavenger hunt activity and examine real suitcases from 4 immigrants’ personal journeys. This program focuses on who immigrates and why, the quality of life for new immigrants, and immigrants’ contributions to Vancouver.


Big Ideas
  • Canada’s policies and treatment of minority peoples have negative and positive legacies.
  • Canadian institutions and government reflect the challenge of our regional diversity.
  • Immigration and multiculturalism continue to shape Canadian society and identity.
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    5, 6
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    Half Day minutes unless otherwise stated.
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    Daycamps, Guides, Homeschool, Scouts
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    Both Pre-Visit and Post-Visit Packages
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    $250 per class

    Additional Notes

    Want to learn more about Immigration? Book our exclusive online school program A Seat at the Table. Discover Chinese immigrants’ stories from MOV’s A Seat at the Table exhibition. Reflect on the diversity of their experience in BC, the challenges they faced, their resilience, and their pursuit of justice.