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Book the OmniGlobe room for an exclusive 30 minute Show & Tell with one of the PME’s educational leaders. During this 30 minute booking, your group will be introduced to several of the Globe’s most interesting features. Following the introduction, your group will have full access to the Globe room so that everyone has a chance to operate the control kiosk.

The PME offers Guided Tours of the museum’s main displays. The tour content is flexible depending on the tour guide and the requests of the tour group. In general, our guided tours cover minerals, rocks, and fossils. The flexible content includes: volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, and weather forecasting. Group tours are appropriate for all ages and last approximately one hour.

Planetary Picks: a closer look at Mars takes students on a tour through some of the most exciting features on Mars. Through a series of hands-on activities, students will learn about crater formation and the concept of relative dating as well as explore similarities and differences between Earth and Mars–including surface features and gravity on Mars. This workshop is appropriate for grades 7 and up.

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