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Inside the waiting room of the Port Moody Station Museum you can find many old and beaten up suitcases. Each suitcase is filled with the contents of a person’s life.

The suitcases were created by student’s from Burnaby North Secondary. Their task was to imagine what an immigrant would bring on their journey to Canada.

The suitcases contain, necessities like clothes and shoes, but more importantly there are items of memory - pictures, letters, diaries. Items which provide safety and comfort.

Currently we all are forced into lock down. We self isolate to bring the curve down, together we all help to overcome this pandemic.

We are undertaking a personal journey, cut off from our normal busy lives.

Books provide us with endless places for our mind to travel, books can be companions during our isolation, books allow us to travel back and forward in time.

Join the Port Moody Public Library and Port Moody Station Museum and share your book with us. What book would be your travel companion, or is your rock in theses uncertain days?

Join us on this imaginary journey and please share your book with us all.

The program looks at various waves of immigrants. At difficulties and restrictions immingrants faced.

The Port Moody Station museum was  build in 1908 and operational till 1978. Many people would have arrived in the past via train.

In the previous century the railway played an important role bringing settlers into the country. The dominion needed people to secure its position, bring in workers of all kinds to establish industry and commerce.

The railway brought thousands of settlers to the West. Life for Indigenous peoples was altered forever. More and more of their lands were taken from them.

Students will be introduced to the poliitcs of immigration in the past and its impact on local communities.

Life in the Trenches (grades 4-12) Tour a CPR station and reflect on the impact of WWI and life in the trenches. Visit the Centennial McKnight Trench under construction on the Museum grounds. A tour of the Centennial McKnight trench is included and dependent on conditions. Activities include scavenger hunt and writing a letter about life in the ‘trenches’. This 75 minute program engages and develops the students abilities to reflect on difficult times and the sacrifices that soldiers made for Canada. Activities and discussions bring awareness of the roles and impact WWI had on the soldiers and our community.

How does industry impact a community? Learn about the fur trade, railroad, port, lumber mills, and others as you play our industry bingo. Listen to the stories of industry workers of the past, handle objects and examine historical photos and documents. Program adjusted to meet curriculum objectives for each grade level. *Program materials available as an in-class kit.

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