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At the Sea to Sky Gondola there is a conscious effort to apply knowledge, principles, and values to more than one academic discipline simultaneously. By doing this, an environment has been created where both technology and nature have come together in harmony. In one trip your class can learn about both the engineering of the gondola and the natural environment in which it resides and understand how the two disciplines can work in harmony. During this program students experience the best of both the Junior Engineers and the Junior Rangers programs woven together.

Living in the Sea to Sky Corridor, we are fortunate to be surrounded by mountains and a vast amount of backcountry to explore. Both locals and out-of-towners happily take advantage of the wilderness we're lucky enough to call our backyard on a regular basis. With Education Expeditions students delve into a world of basic backcountry awareness, including map reading, route finding, safety travel protocol and shelter building. Hike off trail to experience and learn about our backcountry under the expertise of our capable guides.

This cross-curricular course tells the story of Squamish from the geological shaping of the land through to modern times. The history of Squamish is made up of many histories; the history of the First Nations, the history of the first European explorers and settlers, the history of the Chinese and Sikh labourers, the history of the politics in a growing town and many more. It is a complex and fascinating story that mirrors the history of British Columbia as a whole. To understand the many voices of Squamish is to gain access to the laboratory of human experience. When students study history they acquire useful habits of mind, as well as some basic data about the forces that affect our own lives. Offered for grades K-12

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