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Tundra & I will visit your school if it is within a reasonable travel distance. During the COVID 19 pandemic, this visit occurs outdoors, preferrably in a forested area on your school grounds or nearby. If no such location, then we use your school fields & we improvise that it is a forest. Students & staff get to watch Tundra's behavior & I explain what wolves in the wild would be doing. I tell many First Nation stories & legends about the wolf & why this animal is so important to their culture. I explain the important role the wolf plays in the ecosystem as an apex predator & keystone species. Opportunity for many questions from students & staff. Cost is $100 for the walks & travel expenses to the school.

If your school is too far away, I can over a ZOOM version of this program where the same material is covered & the students & staff get to see the four wolves our centre has.

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