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Tugboats are small but their role in the harbour is big. In this program, students will discover how these small but mighty vessels keep the harbour moving. This interactive program introduces students to the role of the tugboat, basic maritime terminology (parts of a boat) and responsibilities of the crew. Students will construct a wooden model tugboat to take home. This program made possible through a generous contribution from Robert Allan Ltd.

Canada is nicknamed by many as “the peaceful nation”. In 1939, Canada had a small but growing military force. By the end of WWII, Canada had become the fourth largest contributor to the Allied forces after USSR, USA and the United Kingdom. In this program, students will gain an understanding of Canada’s involvement in WW ll. Main themes of the program include: the history of the Royal Canadian Navy; St Roch’s secret wartime mission; living in an occupied country and; how technological advances changed the Battle of the Atlantic.

Discover the keys to survival in the Arctic by examining how some animals have adapted to the harsh conditions. Students will examine skulls, furs and photos of several Arctic animals to look for clues of how they have adapted. A short story and a simple craft will be used to reinforce the learning.

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