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Explore social and political issues around migration and refugees in this new program led by professional artist Toni Latour. Discuss religious and racial discrimination, cultural appropriation, and our histories of migration and immigration as you visit the Vancouver Biennale’s art installation in Vanier Park, Paradise Has Many Gates and examine artefacts at the museum, including the sail from the Greenpeace vessel MV Moby Dick and the model of the ocean liner RMS Empress of Japan. Then respond to the ideas and perspectives you have learned as you participate in a hands-on art workshop. This program is presented in partnership with the Vancouver Biennale.

Ever wonder what it would be like to navigate the open ocean with GPS? Come and learn how sailors in the past found their way using mathematics, science, and basic observations. Not able to visit the museum? This program is also available as an education kit!

Tugboats may be small but their role in the harbour is big. Discover how these mighty tugboats keep the harbour moving, then construct a wooden model tugboat to take home. This program made possible through a generous contribution from Robert Allan Ltd.

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