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Do you have what it takes to become a successful Arctic explorer? Hear fascinating stories of  seafarers who succeeded (and those who failed). Learn how the traditional knowledge and lifestyle of the Inuit could improve your chance of survival in the unique and challenging Arctic environment. Then virtually climb aboard the famous RCMP vessel St. Roch to discuss the experiences of Captain Henry Larsen and his crew.

*Available starting January 2021

Learn the keys to survival in the Arctic! Look for clues and examine skulls, furs and photos to discover how Arctic animals adapt to life in Canada’s most extreme ecosystem.

*Available starting January 2021

Discover what it takes to be an extreme explorer in one of the last unexplored frontiers on earth! Learn about the history of deep ocean exploration and how technology can be used to overcome challenging conditions, drawing on the experiences of the PX-15 Ben Franklin.

Experience what life at sea would have been like over 200 years ago! Discover the significance of Captain George Vancouver’s voyage to the Pacific Northwest. Learn about the challenges he and his crew faced and how they overcame them.

Discover how skills and teamwork were essential in the development of Canada’s northern communities. Explore the relationships between the Mounties, the Inuit and the animals of the Arctic. Gain a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities that enabled their survival in the harsh northern climate.

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