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With an emphasis on safety and personal accountability, this program combines a short museum tour, street safety games, physical activity break, and show and tell to introduce youngsters to policing and Vancouver social history.

Please note that use of museum space for younger groups is limited to our teaching room and Main Gallery, as much of the subject matter in the museum is more appropriate for older visitors. 

Our Break & Enter Investigation Program is perfect for junior detectives looking to hone their skills in analyzing forensic evidence. From fingerprints to ballistics, and chromatography, detectives will work in small teams and follow the clues that point to the suspects responsible for the Break and Enter at the City Analyst’s Lab.

Duration: 1 hour

Capacity: Max of 8

Cost: $5.50/student

Combine a Break & Enter program with a Museum Discovery Tour – only $8.50/student!

*This program is also language appropriate for teenage and adult ESL students.

There has been a kidnapping at the City Analyst’s laboratory! As part of an investigative team, students must consider all the evidence to deduce WHO committed the crime, HOW they did it, and WHY. In groups of 3 to 6 people, students receive a case briefing, then move through five stations of physical, financial, and eyewitness evidence. At the end the group will convene to discuss their results!

This program is ideal for classes studying the Canadian justice system, policing, and forensic methods. 

Duration: 1 hour Capacity: 10-30 Cost: $5.50/student

Combine a Kidnapping program with a Museum Discovery Tour – only $8.50/student!

On this guided tour students uncover the history of social development, crime and law enforcement in Vancouver and how it impacts modern living. Students are guided through a 45-minute tour followed by 15 minutes of self-guided exploration. Tour content and complexity can be tailored to group needs and interests.

Our museum tours delve into the lawless origins of Vancouver as a city and explore fascinating elements of policing, crime and justice throughout the decades. You’ll get to immerse yourself our newest exhibit, Behind the Lines. This wild ride takes you through the history of Vancouver’s street safety, from carriages, cars and prohibition to motorcycles, riots and beyond!

You’ll also discover our famous True Crimes exhibit, which highlights the city’s most notorious crimes and cold cases with authentic evidence and artefacts on display. And, of course, you’ll see the city’s first morgue and autopsy suite in addition to hundreds of rare arefacts, archives and photos from our own collection.

Our museum is brimming with exciting history, exhibits and artefacts that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. A designated heritage building, it was once the Coroner’s Court, Autopsy Facility and the City Analyst’s Laboratory, making it one of the most authentic museum experiences in the world.

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