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With an emphasis on safety and personal accountability, this program combines a short museum tour, street safety games, physical activity break, and show and tell to introduce youngsters to policing and Vancouver social history.

Please note that use of museum space for younger groups is limited to our teaching room and Main Gallery, as much of the subject matter in the museum is more appropriate for older visitors. 

An outdoor street experience for older students, Walking the Beat explores the history, social issues, and law enforcement challenges of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Chinatown, and historic Powell Street. Ideal for grade 10-12 classes studying law, justice, policing, and Vancouver's complex cultural history. This is a two-hour program.

Someone has broken into the City Analyst’s Laboratory and it is up to your class to catch the culprit! Students must evaluate the crime scene and study the evidence to make an arrest!

The Break & Enter program is aimed at students grades 4-6 (10-13 years of age). Students are given preliminary information regarding a Break & Enter incident. The goals of the activity are two-fold; students must provide an explanation of events and a motive for the Break & Enter.

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