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The intertidal zone is a wonderful and extreme exvironment for those who call it home. 

Along the west coast of Canada, the intertidal zone is home to an incredible diversity of organisms, all competing for the same space! When the tide is out, we can give you a tour of this habitat and discuss the biotic and abiotic factors that will influence life within this extreme environment.

It took thousands of years for the sea stacks and tidepools of Brady's Beach to form, creating a unique topography allowing for some incredible exploration! We will visit your classroom live from the beach and dive into the distinctive habitat found within tidepools.

What exactly is plankton? We will collect a sample right from outside our front step and show you another world! These tiny creatures are found in all waters and have very cool life histories.

This one is a great follow up to the Oceanography trip!


Ever wonder about the life inder the dock? All maner of creatures attach themselves while drifting around. We will send a camera below the surface and examine what's there.

We will leave the dock in our skiff and study the ocean! Students will learn about the factors that influence water density (temperature and salinity), as well as basics of physical and biological oceanography.

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