Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site

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Discover the stories of a diverse fishing, canning, and boat building community at the scenic Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site on the shores of the Fraser River. This one-hour guided tour is led by a Heritage Interpreter, and includes introductions to the heritage buildings which illustrated the living and working conditions of the communities that made Steveston the special place it is today.

Explore the historic houses and engage in story time and eye-spy activities to learn about Steveston's unique cultural community. Students will participate in a shopping relay game while representing a family that may have lived in this community. Experience what life may have been like for the workers, families and children from diverse cultures who lived and worked here together. 

Investigate Steveston's history of immigrant workers from 1890 to 1940 through role-play. Students 'research" people's lives as newspaper reporters, by unpacking artefacts, creating a timeline and exploring the heritage buildings at Britannia Shipyards National Heritage Site. 

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