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Did you know that soil is actually extremely rare? In this truly groundbreaking field trip, students will come away understanding the important differences between soil and dirt. They’ll dig deep into the properties and composition of soil, the amendments we add, and the benefits of supporting a healthy underground ecosystem where just one tablespoon could contain 50 billion microbes! We’ll find some of the larger invertebrates commonly found at Loutet Farm and investigate the cycle of compost on-site, where we build our own soil. Your day exploring one of the most species-rich habitats on earth will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the ground beneath your feet and inspiration for building and protecting it.

What's the story of the plants we eat? Students will explore the journey of a vegetable from seed to plate, studying the seeds of plants grown on the farm, learning about their unique differences. Through a guided tour, students will see plants in different stages of their reproduction and their life cycle, relating this knowledge to our choices about what we eat in which season, and why that may be. As always, there's a chance for hands to get dirty after visiting our seed field, where we experiment with seed saving different varieties and understanding local adaptations. Students will harvest or plant seeds to take home and plant in their own gardens or patios.

Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, there’s constantly more to discover at Loutet Farm! Seasonally, we cultivate vegetables, fruit, and flowers, both for market production and seed saving. Students will learn about the unique growing conditions that come with living in a temperate rainforest, and how we work with the seasons and adapt to changes. You’ll get a chance to identify and taste what we’re currently harvesting and learn about the organic, low-till methods we employ on the North Shore’s first urban farm. Food literacy, life cycles, and farm systems are best learned through hands-on exploration... no matter the season, your hands will be getting dirty!

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