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Why are pollinators so important? Who is pollinating what and how can we provide proper habitat for our pollinators? They will learn about the incredible biodiversity of pollinators and their needs. Through exploring the honey-bee hive, pollinator habitats and beaty boxes, students will learn who our pollinators are, and how our food systems would look without them. Classes will have the opportunity to make their own insect hotel to take back to their schoolyard.

What is the difference between soil and dirt? How can we protect our soil ecosystems on and off the farm? Students will explore the farm’s composting system, and the stages involved with building soil for the farm. They will study the biodiversity of our soil web and learn about the different roles of insects and bacteria.

What is the story of the plants we eat? Students will explore the life cycle of a vegetable from seed to plate. Students will study the seeds of plants grown on the farm and learn about their unique adaptations. Through a guided tour, students will see plants in different stages of their reproduction, and their life cycle. Students will harvest or plant seeds to take home and plant in their own gardens or patios.

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