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Can you see like a bee? Can you sniff out flowers from afar? Join us in celebrating how bees’ senses help pollinate many of the crops we depend on for food.

Micro plants. Micro flowers. Micro bugs. Micro students? There are so many tiny things to see on the farm! We’ll practice using magnifying glasses and getting close to see how little things on the farm have a big impact, and practice caring for the smallest members of our living world.

Get outside and get a custom taste of what the farm is all about! If you are interested in a field trip longer than two hours or would like to work with our Experiential Learning Manager to craft a program to meet your learning objectives, get in touch and we will get in touch to figure out how we can help make it happen! 

Climate change and biodiversity loss are major threats to our food system, and unjust labour practices in the food sector contribute to poverty and oppression in our communities, but there is a way forward! See how regenerative agriculture and projects like Fresh Roots can improve food system by supporting both the ecosystem we are part of and the people who grow our food, and help build a truly sustainable food system!

From the invention of crop rotation to the industrial revolution to the creation of Genetically Modified Organisms, agricultural technology is always changing. See what technologies, modern and ancient, we use on our farms to grow delicious food, and even give some of them a try! This program is 1-1.5 hours.

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