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Fall is a time of the last harvests, of rainier days and darker nights. See how our farm transitions from summer to winter. You may even get to help our farmers put our farm to bed!

Is the farm an ecosystem? We will look at the attributes of an ecosystem, and search for evidence of those on our farm. This can a good introduction to ecosystems, or a chance to apply prior ecosystem knowledge.

Plants grow from seeds that develop from flowers pollinated by bees. Except when they are pollinated by wind. Or grow from runners. Or tubers. Or bulbs. Or more! Discover some of the many, many ways plants reproduce sexually and asexually on our farm.

From the invention of crop rotation to the industrial revolution to the creation of Genetically Modified Organisms, agricultural technology is always changing. See what technologies, modern and ancient, we use on our farms to grow delicious food, and even give some of them a try!

Team Builds are a chance for students (and teachers and chaperones!) to really get their hands dirty helping our farmers grow Good Food for All. This program includes an introduction to Fresh Roots and the many things we do, and plenty of time to work on projects around the farm, from weeding to building. Exact projects will vary depending on the group and the needs of the farm.

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