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In 1918, sockeye salmon were missing in considerable numbers from the Fraser River due to the human caused problem at Hell's Gate, BC. Students will discover the factors behind the problem, use their reasoning skills, and role play in a mock commission to represent different interest groups of the Steveston fishing community. They will discuss and deliberate on a viable way to ensure the abundant return of the Fraser River salmon. How will the community work together to help save our salmon? (120 minutes)

In this engaging program, students discover the steps of the Salmon Canning Line through stories and puzzles. During a scavenger hunt along the canning line, students work cooperatively to follow the steps to process fish from the ocean to their lunch box.

Students engage in dialogues about sustainability by comparing the environmental impacts of different fishing methods used in the commercial fishing industry.  A skit in our theatre models seafood choices that can help preserve marine life and habitat.

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