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  • Simple machines are the building blocks to complex machines 

  • Complex machines work in tandem to produce products 

  • Everyone and every machine have a part to play 

Description: This unit is divided into three parts that could last over a week. The first part includes an activity with wooden tools to investigate and explore simple machines. The second part is about compound machines and an assembly line (our salmon canning line) introduced through a workshop lead by an interpreter. The last part will be a classroom activity. Using their knowledge of simple and complex machines, students will design and draw their own assembly line. 

This unit includes:  

  • Unit designed entirely with Pre and Post activities, a workshop and a physical kit. 

  • Connection with Social Science   

  • Instructions with the Wooden simple machine toys (included in the physical kit).   

  • An online workshop of one hour with an Interpreter 

  • Multiples activities  

  • Historical photos and videos  

  • Kahoot quiz  

  • Two scavenger hunts  

  • Word search  

  • Support from Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society programs staff


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