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Visit us from your classroom or home and learn about Maillardville and Coquitlam. Book our Mackin House Tour and learn about Edwardian era homes. Learn about the history of transportation in Canada with our Fraser Mills Train Station and CP Rail Caboose Tour. Go back in time to Coquitlam in the 1940's and learn what life was like for those who stayed behind in Canada during WWII.

Or take a look at Deconstructed: The Hidden History of Everyday Objects our newest exhibit for 2020.

These outdoor tours get you moving and enjoying the Maillardville community at large. With our Heritage Garden tour you can visit our garden learning about the plants and history of gardens in general followed by a herb satchel activity. During our Maillardville Community Walk learn the history of Maillardville & Fraser Mills as you walk along Brunette Avenue to Laval Square. (Some uphill walking required)

Bringing the past to you! In the comfort of your own space, Mackin House staff will lead a history lesson using PowerPoint, an activity, and a bin full of historical Artifacts. A great interactive learning experience for all ages, participants can handle and engage with artifacts, ask questions, form group discussions and enjoy fun activities related to the artifact's historical context. Topics: 1) Communication & Technology 2) Maillardville Community 1909 4) Evolution of Music 5) Pioneer Life

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