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Mackin House has partnered with Place des Arts to provide schools with an Art and History program. Take an interactive tour of Mackin House combined with your choice of the following art workshops at Place des Arts. Available during the school year. (A minimum of 20 students is required)

Felting Fun, The Beauty of the Hand Bound Book, Paper Making, Traditional Spinning

Bringing the past to you! In the comfort of your own space, Mackin House staff will lead a history lesson using PowerPoint, an activity, and a bin full of historical Artifacts. A great interactive learning experience for all ages, participants can handle and engage with artifacts, ask questions, form group discussions and enjoy fun activities related to the artifact's historical context.
1) Children's Games & Toys
2)Communication & Technology
3) Heritage Food & Garden
4) Pioneer Life
5)Recycling & Reusing

An interactive discovery tour through time, illustrating how people lived, worked and played over 100 years ago. Activities will highlight how technology and entertainment have changed; how people managed without electricity and heat; how our pioneers sourced their food and how they prepared it. A tour guide will lead the group in this hands-on exploration of the simplicity and hard work of pioneer life.

The tour is followed by one of:
-Arts & Crafts (beeswax candle making, vegetable stamping, or plasticine painting)
-Baking (various recipies)
-Community walk
-Folklore Storytelling (featuring a magic lantern show)

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