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Enjoy a tour of Mackin House that incorporates additional learning and interactive components. Perfect for visitors who have already experienced one of our Heritage Tours in a previous visit.

In the Evolution of Music Tour learn the arc of popular music from gramaphones to iPods. This interactive tour incoporates the music listening and history with a different musical age and technology in each room of the musuem.

Heritage Storytelling after your tour of Mackin House settle into our darkened parlour to learn about the journey of storytelling from the fireside to the magic lantern of the Victorian era. The visit ends with a shadow puppet show and a chance for the students to try out the puppets themselves.

These outdoor tours get you moving and enjoying the Maillardville community at large. With our Heritage Garden tour you can visit our garden learning about the plants and history of gardens in general followed by a herb satchel activity. During our Maillardville Community Walk learn the history of Maillardville & Fraser Mills as you walk along Brunette Avenue to Laval Square. (Some uphill walking required)

Mackin House has partnered with Place des Arts to provide schools with a Heritage Artist Experience. Take a tour of Mackin House combined with your choice of the following art workshops at Place des Arts. Available during the school year. (A minimum of 20 students is required)

Felting Fun, The Beauty of the Hand Bound Book, Paper Making, Traditional Spinning

Interested in learning about the history of Cinema and animation? Join Cinemagic at Mackin House to learn about and use early film devices with artist Romain Lliedo. (Minimum 15, Maximum 24 students)

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