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The Richmond Art Gallery’s School Program introduces students of all ages to the exciting world of contemporary art through interactive gallery tours and hands-on art workshops.  Led by professional art educators, our curriculum-based programs encourage students to make personal connections with art while developing critical thinking skills and exploring diverse perspectives.

Free tours of our exhibitions are available for Grades 8 - 12. Learn about the artists, their works, and how we curate the exhibitions. Teachers' Guides are available on our website for each exhibition. Please book ahead of time to ensure availibility. Gallery-based activities can be arranged to integrate with your subject area.

Looking for some creative inspiration for your next staff pro-D workshop? Come to the art gallery for an energizing day packed with art projects that integrate big ideas, content, and skills development. Learn effective strategies for teaching art concepts and techniques, and practical ways to integrate visual art across the curriculum. Choose a theme or work with us to create a customized workshop for your staff.

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