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Lost Lagoon hosts a wide variety of over-wintering bird species in the Park.

Flock to Stanley Park with your students to explore the Park’s birds! Use binoculars, learn how to identify winter bird species, and discover their many adaptations to survive the winters!

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Lost Lagoon is an urban treasure trove! Learn about the species that call this area of Stanley Park home and their interactions with the downtown core.

How do human and environmental systems interconnect in Vancouver? Dive into what makes a healthy urban ecosystem and how biodiversity and climate change affect Stanley Park. This fun and informational program will ignite curiosity for any high schooler.

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We offer webinars to the public that cover a wide variety of topics, but are often centered around the ecology and organisms of Stanley Park.  

These programs usually range from 1 - 1.5 hours long.

Please visit our events page below to see what we are offering.  Programs change monthly, so check back often!

For questions about our programs, please email

We are currently offering the following online programs:

- All About Eagles

- Rambunctious River Otters

-Super Salmon

Please email if you would be interested in a program like this for your class.

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Are you as big as an eagle? What lives at Lost Lagoon? Do herons have an easy life? Do salmon visit Stanley Park? Discover the answers to these questions and more while leading your own adventure with our easy to use Discovery Kit. Bring your class for a half-day Park Program and extend your trip for the day. This is a great option for two classes from one school who want to share a bus. The Discovery Kit is a backpack containing a class set of binoculars, a detailed map, an easy to follow teaching script, fun props, engaging activities and visuals.

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