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The VHEC's teaching exhibition In Focus: The Holocaust through the VHEC Collection introduces students to the history of the Holocaust with reference to primary source artefacts belonging to Holocaust survivors and victims. Led by a VHEC museum educator, the exhibition tour covers topics such as pre-war Jewish life, antisemitism, the rise of Nazism, Jewish refugees, rescue, resistance and post-war life. Over 90 artefacts donated by local Holocaust survivors are on view in this exhibition, each of which tells a poignant and unique story of Jewish life during the Holocaust. Students are given the opportunity for hands-on examination of select artefacts including personal letters, toys, photos, propaganda and other items. Tours include a workshop featuring survivor video testimonies and short films. On view until June 2024. Book now:

Drawing upon diverse primary sources, the VHEC's acclaimed teaching exhibition, Age of Influence: Youth & Nazi Propaganda, examines the Nazis’ efforts to manipulate the attitudes, experiences and aspirations of German children and teens. Youth magazines, photos, testimonies, video clips, books and posters are just some of the primary sources that students analyze to discover how the Nazi regime targeted young Germans for indoctrination in Nazi ideology. The VHEC's museum educators introduce students to core concepts of propaganda and guide them to critically evaluate messages and images. The tour includes a workshop and a small group activity which allows students to practise communication and collaboration skills while sharing their knowledge with others. The exhibition challenges viewers to look critically at both the messages and the techniques used by Nazi propagandists to influence youth. On view at the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre until June 2024. Book now:

This web-based Holocaust educational resource creates opportunities for students to interact with Holocaust survivor’s accounts of persecution, loss and survival. Educators and students can engage with Holocaust testimony in a lesson, within a larger unit, or as part of an independent research project.

  • Recommended for students in grades 8 through 12, with adaptations possible for intermediate grades
  • Includes excerpts of digitized audio-visual testimonies from the VHEC’s survivor testimony collection
  • Contains lesson plans, student worksheets and classroom activities


The Online Symposium on the Holocaust provides student engagement with a historian and Holocaust Survivor Speakers. Once registered, the symposium is accessible to learners at any time, offering different levels of engagement and learning at the user’s own pace. It can be taught in half a day, or over several days or weeks.

Symposium is recommended for students in grades 10 through 12.


  • A video-recorded historical overview on the Holocaust by Dr. Lauren Faulkner Rossi (SFU)
  • Video-recorded eyewitness accounts by Holocaust survivors Lillian Boraks-Nemetz and Dr. Robert Krell
  • Video-recorded answers to frequently asked questions asked of survivors
  • Guidelines for teachers, a note to students on how they can make a difference, and links to additional resources

Follow these easy steps to enroll:

  • Click on this link:
  • Click on “Enroll for free”
  • Register with your contact information
  • Ask students to take the same steps to enroll

A VHEC educator will travel to your classroom to present this workshop, free of charge. The workshop features an award-winning Canadian short film, entitled Pigeon, followed by an interactive presentation and discussion. Students learn about the systematic persecution of Jews in France and acts of rescue during the Holocaust. Questions by the workshop facilitator foster critical thinking and ideas about social responsibility and the choices we make.

Sessions run 60 minutes for secondary school classes, 45 minutes for elementary school classes, or as per agreement with the Centre.

  • Recommended for students in grades 6 to 12
  • Recommended class size of a maximum of 30 students
  • Free of charge , thanks to the generous sponsorship of Summit Ice

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