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Through visual and dramatic arts, students in grades K-6 become inspired by the mighty Fraser River. Students collaborate to create a river mural and use drama and play to explore their personal connections to the Fraser and the many ways British Columbians rely on the river.

Students in grades 4-7 explore Aboriginal people's connections to the environment by comparing traditional salmon fishing tools, and learn how Aboriginal people preserve their culture from two local elders who share oral histories through a storytelling film.

Students in grades 2-5 determine how personal choices have environmental consequences by "polluting" a model of the lower mainland and brainstorming alternatives to common pollutants. Students play Swim Like Fin to be inspired by Fin Donelly's marathon swims of the Fraser River. The program concludes with a short film, Journey of the Blob, during which students are introduced to the animals of the Fraser River and the water cycle all while discovering that what we put in the environment stays in the environment.

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