Taking the Pulse of the Fraser

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Tuesday, September 4th, 2018
Program Description

Students in grades 6-9 follow each step of the scientific method to conduct a water quality investigation. During this 2 hour workshop students observe and become curious about the Fraser River, do background research, construct hypotheses, test their hypotheses by doing experiments, analyze their data, draw a conclusion, and report their results. Students determine whether the current temperature, pH, and turbidity will or will not be above acceptable levels for salmon survival.

Big Ideas
  • Everyday materials are often mixtures.
  • Multicellular organisms rely on internal systems to survive, reproduce, and interact with their environment.
  • Earth and its climate have changed over geological time.
  • Trip Details
    For Grades: 
    6, 7, 8, 9
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    Half Day minutes unless otherwise stated.
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    Program fee is $5 + GST per child, full payment required within 10 days of confirmation. Please contact us about delayed payment options. 

    Additional Notes

    Program includes 20 minutes outdoors to observe the Fraser and collect the water sample. This is a two hour workshop.