Vancouver Writers Fest

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Thursday, May 30th, 2019
Program Description

The Vancouver Writers Fest is one of the largest, and most prestigious literary festivals in North America. The 2019 Festival takes place October 22-27, 2019. In addition to the programming we offer adults, we also hold events specifically for K-12 students.

Through our youth educational outreach programs, we offer students the opportunity to interact with celebrated writers from across the globe in more than 40 events designed specifically for young people, teachers, schools and student groups. Each year, we reach more than 7,000 students across British Columbia—in the classroom or at the Festival.

Our youth education outreach programming includes:

30+ weekday Festival events featuring presentations and discussions with engaging authors from Canada and around the world, programmed with BC curriculum goals in mind. We offer discounted tickets and bus subsidies for teachers and students for the youth events we organize during the festival. We also have one day of events which are completely free, with the option offered to guests to pay what they can.

6,000 student attendees from the Lower Mainland, the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island.

Writers in the Classroom: 20 classroom-based events where writers visit schools across the Lower Mainland to engage students in important conversations.

We welcome teachers, academics and educators to attend the festival with their students for an inspiring and memorable field trip.    

Big Ideas
  • Curiosity and wonder lead us to new discoveries about ourselves and the world around us.
  • Everyone has a unique story to share.
  • Language and story can be a source of creativity and joy.
  • Playing with language helps us discover how language works.
  • Stories and other texts can be shared through pictures and words.
  • Stories and other texts help us learn about ourselves and our families.
  • Through listening and speaking, we connect with others and share our world.
  • Stories can be understood from different perspectives
  • Using language in creative and playful ways helps us understand how language works.
  • Exploring stories and other texts helps us understand ourselves and make connections to others and to the world.
  • Texts can be understood from different perspectives.
  • Developing our understanding of how language works allows us to use it purposefully.
  • Exploring and sharing multiple perspectives extends our thinking.
  • Exploring stories and other texts helps us understand ourselves and make connections to others and to the world.
  • Questioning what we hear, read, and view contributes to our ability to be educated and engaged citizens.
  • People understand text differently depending on their worldviews and perspectives.
  • Texts are socially, culturally, and historically constructed.
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    K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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    See notes. minutes unless otherwise stated.
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    Fee Details
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    School group tickets go on sale in the second week of September, 2019. Exact date and time will be updated in August. Tickets are $9.50 each + a $.50 service charge. Teachers and adults accompanying school groups may purchase tickets at that price and should be included in the group total. Events range in duration, from one hour to 1.5 hours.